The Kooler – Cooler Within a Cooler

We’ve all been there: starting a new active lifestyle with a slew of new enhancement products to help us reach our goals. We have the pre-workout supplement for before we hit the gym. We have protein shakes for after we leave the gym. Then, we have BCAA’s for that oh-so-necessary recovery period. The question is: how can one person carry around all those drinks?

Mixing and saving powders and liquids for any extended period of time can be a challenge. It’s a puzzle that IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Stan “The Rhino” Efferding wanted to solve with The Kooler, his “cooler within a cooler”.

As an athletic coach, pro bodybuilder and current record holder for World’s Strongest Bodybuilder, Efferding understood the importance of staying on top of his supplements. He also knew how difficult it could be for his clients to maintain them for the course of the day. With The Kooler, Stan “The Rhino” Efferding created a simple device that acts as a liquid-filled cooler and can also hold 2 specially-designed shaker bottles full of the liquid of your choice.

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With The Kooler, it’s never been easier for everyday athletes to stay on top of their liquids. Simply fill the outer reservoir with water, a powder mixture, or ay other liquid. Then, add ice to make things cold. The double-insulated outer wall can stay cold for hours with ice, making it simple to pour it and forget it. When you’re out at the gym or enjoying an outdoor workout, you can prefill two 23-ounce shaker bottles with the mixture of your choice. Just open and sip when ready.

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The Kooler is a simple and affordable addition to your gym kit, and can be used by non-athletes as well. This cooler-within-a-cooler is great for afternoons at the park with 2 picky kids, for sporting events, and even road trips. Of course, as a bodybuilding professional, “The Rhino” had his athletic trainees in mind when he created this ingenious cooler device.

The Kooler is portable, easy to use and ultra-durable. It comes in 6 colors ranging from white to hot pink. The one-gallon reservoir is great for maintaining hydration throughout the day, and a built-in spigot makes it even easier to enjoy. And for under $35, “The Rhino” certainly keeps his customers in mind. It’s much cheaper than buying pre-made mixes already chilled from the gym after your workout.

Whether you’re on the road to being a professional athlete or you just treat your body as such, The Kooler is a wise investment. No more bringing cold water bottles and Tupperware full of creatine or protein powder to the gym to refill after a tough session. The Kooler lets you just pour and store. When you’re ready, your drinks of choice are there and waiting for you.

Stan “The Rhino” Efferding is a multi-award-winning bodybuilder who has made his name as one of only 10 men in the world to ever total over 2,300 pounds raw in a competition. His mass is incredible, but his business strategy is even more impressive. Rhino saw a gap in the industry and filled it, with a great product at a superior price. The Kooler has the ability to replace all your old shaker bottles and even your favorite portable cooler. Make a trip to the gym, the park, or the field that much simpler with this convenient cooler.

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