Line Cutterz – Ring that Cuts Fishing Line

Line Cutterz is a company committed to make fishing easier, safer and more convenient. Founder Vance Zahorski is an avid and experienced fishing enthusiast who began fishing as a young child under the guidance of his grandfather in Lake Chetek, Wisconsin. As he got older, his expertise grew beyond lake fishing to kayak and ocean fishing.

During one of his fishing escapades, Zahorski realized that cutting fishing lines was a persistent annoyance for many anglers. While some used their teeth, others struggled to cut lines by fumbling with knives and scissors. Zahorski drew on his 35 years of fishing experience and came up with an amazingly simple and functional solution – an adjustable ring that cuts fishing line easily and quickly. This one-size-fits-all fishing tool is convenient and effective, and is literally always on hand. The tool has an adjustable Velcro strap so it fits on any finger. The Line Cutterz ring can also be mounted on seats, boat rails, tackle boxes, personal floatation devices, or anywhere else that’s within reach.


Line Cutterz rings are extremely safe compared to typical alternatives like knives, clippers and scissors. The product’s durable blades are recessed within the ring, making it easy to cut line but hard to cut yourself or anything else. The rings are made of plastic so they never rust or tarnish, and the high quality German stainless steel blades are treated with a titanium coating that reduces breakage, wear and tear, and corrosion from salt water.


Line Cutterz are great for night fishing, kayak fishing, surf fishing, wade fishing, pier fishing and quick emergency releases. It can also be used as a sewing tool, by tackle shop owners to reline wheels, and can come in handy for fishing guides who constantly need to assist clients by cutting their tangled lines.

The success of Line Cutterz has inspired Zahorski to explore other innovative fishing gear. The Hook Puller ring is the newest addition to the product line. This tool allows anglers to quickly and safely pull knots tight by securely holding the hook in the ring, preventing any potential injury while tying fishing lures. The Hook Puller ring works particularly well with fluorocarbon, monofilament and heavy braid fishing lines. Line Cutterz is also producing soft plastic fishing worms that glow in the dark, attracting fish in low light conditions. The Bandit Worm is available in 5” and 10” versions.

Line Cutterz began with a simple handmade prototype created with welding putty. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. The response from other anglers was so positive that Zahorski knew he had a unique business opportunity, and redesigned the product for mass production. Like many businesses on Shark Tank they initially raised money using Kickstarter, generating over $14,000 from more than 300 backers.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 11/18/16 – Season 8 – Episode 9




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