The Morph – Collapsible Foam Roller

In 2007, football player Nate Lawrie was healing from potentially career-ending injuries and a recent spinal surgery. Though his prognosis was serious, he refused to give up on his game or his goals. During his recovery, Nate was schooled on the correct use of a foam roller, a physical therapy tool that loosens muscles and speeds up their healing after a workout or injury. The process of foam rolling reduces inflammation, improves circulation, and increases flexibility.

It’s called self-myofascial release, and it had a dramatic effect for Nate, helping him get back on the field and off the floor (the only place he could sleep without pain.) But he found that storing and traveling with his foam roller was more of a hassle than it needed to be. With Brazyn co-founder Tom Hopkins, he decided to change all that by creating The Morph, the first collapsible foam roller. The Morph provides the support and functionality of a standard roller, but can fold completely flat when not in use. It expands and collapses instantly by pushing or pulling the two tabs on the ends of the cylinder.

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When lying flat, Brazyn is about to be the height of two folded t-shirts, so it’s much easier to pack in a gym bag or backpack than the roller you’re used to. It’s lightweight at only 1.6 lbs but is rugged enough to support over 350 lbs when expanded. The Morph has the industry recommended diameter (5.5 “) and uses a patented knobby texture similar to a tire tread, which is designed to knead muscle and relieve trigger points.

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Nate and Tom are dedicated to great design and functionality, but they’re also focused on running a responsible and eco-friendly business. Every Brazyn product is crafted with environmentally conscious materials including bamboo, aluminum, recyclable foam and GREENGUARD Gold Certified Adhesives.

Brazyn is as committed to protecting the environment as athletes are to performing at their peak. It’s a message that has so far been well-received. Before appearing on Shark Tank, the company had already been featured in Inc. Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Star, Fitness Gizmos and more. Brazyn is trusted by professional athletes and home fitness addicts, with endorsements including Kate Grace, the U.S. 800M finalist at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

With Nate’s experience in sports and fitness and his degrees and certifications from Yale and Stanford School of Business, plus Tom’s business background and education at Princeton University, Brazyn seems to be going places fast. And thanks to this product, athletes everywhere can as well.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 10/29/17 – Season 9 – Episode 6


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