National Association of Bubble Soccer

The National Association of Bubble Soccer is a largest league for this hilarious new twist on soccer where teams compete wearing giant inflatable hamster balls. NABS provides equipment, support, and official rules to local divisions and helps players register to join a team. The sport is fun for all ages and getting bounced around in a giant bubble is an extremely unique experience, like wearing a bouncy castle. It’s a great activity for team building events or just for a rambunctious good time, and is the most fun workout you’ll ever experience.

Bubble soccer goes by several names across the globe including bubble football and zorb football. It was first created in Norway and has spread to the UK, US and beyond. It can be played indoors or outdoors and has become popular for bachelor parties, birthdays, and corporate team building.

It’s often played with two teams of 5, a referee and two goals but no goalie. Variations include the hysterical bubble bowling (people are the pins and ball) and bubble sumo (bubble encased wrestlers try to knock each other out of a circle). Bubble soccer is full of action, relatively safe, and ridiculously entertaining to watch. It’s recreation meets comedy, and is sure to get everyone laughing and having a blast.

Bubble soccer is a great new opportunity for entrepreneurs to buy a franchise for their city. As a franchisee you get access the NABS marketing materials, resources and equipment that you can use for league games and rent out for private events.

UPDATE: The National Association of Bubble Soccer website is no longer active

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