PolyGlide is a self-lubricating synthetic ice that allows you to transform your playroom, basement, garage or patio into a home ice skating rink. The interlocking panels let you easily set up a skating surface of any shape or dimension, and the fit between pieces is so tight they’re nearly seamless.

Panels are available in 2 x 4’ or 4 x 8 ‘ sections. The smaller sections are 1/4 “ thick and it’s recommend that they be secured to the floor with fasteners. The 4 x 8 ‘ sections are made of a thicker 1/4” material and weigh 80 pounds each, so they will likely stay in place when joined together. The large panels have a special beaded surface that creates less friction and increases glide. They’re suitable for home or commercial applications.

PolyGlide is built to last many years and actually gets slicker from normal wear and tear. The synthetic material is not as fast as ice, but is close enough for training and recreational purposes. PolyGlide requires very little maintenance other than occasionally misting with PolyGlaze, which cleans the surface and helps protect skate blades.

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Check out PolyGlide on The Weather Channel’s segment called Epic Christmas:


Shark Tank Air Date: 12/9/16 – Season 8 – Episode 11