See/Rescue Streamer Safety Signal Device

When you love spending time outdoors, you understand the dangers that can arise. Hikers get lost, kayaks capsize … there are as many ways for an outdoor adventure to go terribly wrong as there are ways to enjoy nature itself. Heaven forbid something actually go wrong—it can be a tedious task for even the most high-tech search-and-rescue methods to locate you in the vast outdoors. That’s why Dr. Robert Yonover, an outdoor enthusiast himself, developed the See/Rescue Streamer. This handy little device, the size of a cell phone, is the perfect addition to any outdoor-persons travel pack. It could one day be the difference between returning to your loved ones or losing your life.

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The See/Rescue Streamer is a very simple concept that provides a solution to a complicated problem. This neon orange streamer measures 25 feet x 6 inches and can be seen over a mile away. A radiant high-visibility signal makes a lost traveler easier to spot from the air or from a boat. The streamer can be easily stored away and folded up to the approximate size of a cell phone, then opened and released in times of distress.

The See/Rescue was designed to be ideal for any kind of outdoor activity, and easy to remember to bring along on your way out. Dr. Yonover believes that, while it’s impossible to predict when something will go terribly wrong, when you carry this streamer, you can rest assured that you’ll be much easier to spot. Take it along while you camp, fish, hike, or participate in any of your favorite outdoor activities. The rescue streamer was designed using a series of experiments that tested the brain’s response time to various triggers, to help determine what would be most likely to catch a rescuer’s eye in a vast space of land or sea. See/Rescue was created to be a bright, highly-visible line that could be spotted for up to a full mile’s distance.

With the See/Rescue Streamer, Dr. Yonover wanted to help solve the issue that most search-and-rescuers found themselves facing: finding a small person in an open landscape of blue water, green forest, or brown mountain ranges. As one expert pointed out, from hundreds of feet above the ocean, a stranded swimmer’s head is the size of a coconut, and very, very difficult to spot. The See/Rescue Streamer increases your visual size to those who are trying to find you—helping to make it a little easier to save your life. The patented device has even been adopted by military organizations around the world.

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The See/Rescue Streamer isn’t Dr. Yonover’s first foray into inventions, either. This Geochemist has had his fair share of creations for the outdoor survivalist. His previous accomplishments include the Inflatable Rescue Board, Pocket Flotation technology and Inflatable Paddleboards. Dr. Yonover continues to use his scientific training to bring innovation to those who risk their lives in the great outdoors on a regular basis.

Along with its adoption into the gear packs of military members around the world, the See/Rescue Streamer continues to make waves in popular presses. Discovery Channel showcased the device in a feature. Psychology Today featured the device in its pages in 2009. It has been years in the making, but the See/Rescue Streamer now hits everyday consumers in a big way, helping to make it easy to stay safe and come home in one piece.

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