Ski-Z is an innovative way to get your skis from your car to the lodge or from the lodge to the ski lift. No longer is it necessary to balance heavy skis on your shoulder, risking injury to an innocent passerby or a scratch on your car if you turn around quickly.

Ski-Z is basically a caddy on a super high rebound wheel with a low-temperature resistant precision bearing. Insert the tips of the skis into the caddy and secure with the Velcro hook and loop fastener. Skis can then be either pushed or pulled along any surface. The Ski-Z is designed to roll easily over snow, ground or pavement, is lightweight, fits easily into the pocket of a ski jacket, and is compatible with all size skis.

Ski Z Shark Tank Rolling Ski Carrier 2

On in November of 2010, Karl Bodnarchuk titled his review of Ski-Z “Ultimate ski caddy,” noting that it was “simple, easy-to-use.” Cameron Wenzel, owner of Snowmass Sports, notes that “Ski-Z makes it effortless for the whole family to carry our skis from the bus or the condo slope side.” And Jennifer Williams said “I love Ski-Z! Now I can go to the slopes with my three kids, and I don’t have to carry their skis anymore!”

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Shark Tank Air Date: 12/2/18 – Season 10 – Episode 7


Ski Z Shark Tank Rolling Ski Carrier 3

Ski Z Shark Tank Rolling Ski Carrier 4

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