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The folks at Slyde Handboards have been studying and refining handboarding equipment for many years. Designer and founder Steve Watts grew up bodysurfing on the South African coast. As a kid, he and his friends found full size surfboards to be unwieldy and cumbersome, they were just too difficult to learn to control. So they starting experimenting with using other objects to catch waves, from pieces of wood to flip flops. They found that fast food trays provided the best ride, as they could easily catch a wave and retain control. This was the original inspiration for what would later become the most advanced bodysurfing hardboards ever made.

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Slyde Handboards are beautifully engineered to deliver more buoyancy, faster speeds, less spray back, greater control and balance, and longer rides than any other bodyboarding equipment. They make bodysurfing simple to master, regardless of age or skill level. Although their use will become intuitive after a little experience, the guys at Slyde warn that you will probably get barreled your first time out.

Slyde Handboards are made of high-density foam with triaxial fiberglass reinforcement, hardened resin side rails, and wrapped in a PPX flak jacket outer skin. They also have handy mounts for your GoPro camera. They’re available in two basic shapes – The Wedge and The Bula. In general, larger boards offer more lift, stability and carving ability. Smaller boards need steeper and faster waves.

The Wedge is a great board for those just starting out and for advanced riders. It handles well and has extra volume to increase buoyancy, giving you longer rides and more lift. It has minimal drag, impressive speed, and plenty of control for turns and rolls.

The smaller size and more concave shape of the Bula makes it perfect for steep, fast waves, bottom turning, and pumping to catch speed. A great choice for advanced riders. Watch the video below to see the difference in the two models.

Check out the great how-to videos on the Slyde website and you’ll be bodysurfing like superman in no time.

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