Surf Band Pro Sunscreen Dispenser

Instances of skin cancer continue to rise. In 2022, in the US alone, there were close to 100,000 new cases diagnosed. Sunscreen is a simple way to protect your skin from the sun’s UV radiation. Though simple, however, it is not always convenient for the necessary reapplications, particularly for “aquaphiles,” those people who long to be on or in the water—the surfers, swimmers, paddle-boarders, water skiers of the world. Water and sweat keep washing away the sunscreen, and you must keep your skin protected. But just where do you stash your sunscreen when in a bathing suit? In a Surf Band Pro, of course! Easily, conveniently, stream sunscreen into your palm and apply to your skin without needing to take time away from your favorite activity.

How to Use the Surf Band Pro

To fill

Remove the back-cap and fill the reservoir to the brim with sunscreen—lotion, liquid, gel or zinc.

Replace the back-cap by pushing on the rim or sides (never the center), being careful where the dispenser nozzle is pointing.

Strap the Velcro band onto your wrist with the nozzle facing the “outside” of your wrist.

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To apply

A light push on the face of the reservoir and the sunscreen streams from the nozzle right into your palm.

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Surf Band Pro Benefits

  • Instant accessibility to sunscreen
  • Holds liquids, lotions, gels and zincs
  • Easy to refill
  • Comfortable, durable and ultimately stylish
  • Affordable
  • A reminder right there on your wrist to reapply sunscreen

The Surf Band Pro is also used by the “landlubbers”: anglers, bikers, hikers, joggers, golfers, etc. It’s for any outdoor activity where you don’t want to carry around a clumsy bottle.

It’s a great boon to any organization or business that wants to spread a message of caring about its customers or clients by keeping them protected from skin cancer. The Surf Band Pro can be branded with any message or logo.

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Greg Demirjian, Inventor of Surf Band Pro

Greg is a musician, writer, editor, publisher and creative director who has won awards for both his film projects and his designs created for clients such as Nike and Merck. He was not an inventor, until he became disturbed with not being able to sanitize his hands while on the go. He wondered: What if there was a way to have instant access to sanitizer, without needing to stop and open a bottle or take out a wipe? So Greg set off on his journey to create his company, WearSpray, that produces, first, the Clean-Bands for sanitizer and then the Surf Band Pro.

Greg devised a design that many injection molding specialists told him was impossible to fabricate and refused to work with him. He eventually found the right person who persevered through many difficulties, a major one being making a device that was airtight but would dispense liquid when pressed. After many trials and errors, they finally succeeded. All’s well that ends well? Not this time. As Greg used the Clean-Band, he realized how valuable it would be as a sunscreen dispenser. Back to the drawing board. The device needed to accommodate the thicker sunscreen, and the band needed to hold tight in water activities. The result was the Surf Band Pro.

In addition to the sanitizer and sunscreen devices, Greg is developing the Bug Band Pro, in conjunction with a United Nations initiative called United to Beat Malaria, for protection from mosquito-borne diseases, primarily malaria, dengue and yellow fever.

Shark Tank Air Date: 03/03/2023 – Season 14 – Episode 15




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