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Ron Johnson and his children, Taylor and Kobe, love camping together. They look forward to being together, exploring the outdoors and cooking and eating out in the fresh air. There was a problem, however, that repeatedly marred the experience: They would forget to bring along all the accoutrements needed to prepare, cook and clean up after their meals. On one camping trip, a light bulb went off in Ron’s head. They needed a chuck box! A what? A chuck box stores pots, pans, plates, utensils, seasonings, condiments, etc. It is named for the chuckwagon, the kitchen of the wagon trains that carried our country’s first “campers”– the pioneers who set out to settle the Western frontier.

Ron, who has always had a knack for invention, started with a vision of a chuck box and a drawing on a napkin, but he and his children ended up creating the ultimate outdoor kitchen. The sturdy metal box folds down in the front and on the sides for easy access to the specifically designed compartments, shelves, drawers and racks. There is plenty of space to keep cooking ware, cutting boards, paper towel holder, and storage compartments for dry food organized. Since everything remains stored in the box, there is no concern about forgetting anything and the time spent getting packed up for a camping trip is a fraction of what it once was. Optional accessories include a griddle, grill, single-burner stove burner, and a collapsible sink with a faucet and drain system. And a butterfly latch keeps everything safe from bears or any other hungry intruders.

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The full Tailgate N Go is sized to fit easily between the wheel wells of a pick-up truck. No truck? No problem. The Overlander model fits into Jeeps and small SUVs. Both models can be color customized to coordinate with your vehicle or, if you prefer, your favorite sports team. Tailgate N Go is perfect for tailgating parties, backyard barbecues or anywhere you want to have a “pop-up kitchen.”

Tailgate N Go is a proud Colorado company that is family-owned and operated. Ron moved to Grand Junction, CO, to sell heavy equipment after earning a degree in business from Grand Canyon University. He now owns two heavy equipment companies. Taylor graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a degree in marketing and mass media. Kobe is a new college student at University of Northern Colorado and already has plans for a future business developing inventions based on new deaf technology. Kobe has the distinction of being the first deaf entrepreneur on Shark Tank.

The three owners of Tailgate N Go enjoy working on all aspects of the business together. The boxes are manufactured in Denver, custom painted in Fruita, and then arrive back in Grand Junction where they are assembled, packaged and shipped. The Johnsons also use local vendors for parts and services.


Shark Tank Air Date: 10/27/19 – Season 11 – Episode 5


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