The Shark Wheel – Square Skateboard Wheels

The Shark Wheel is the first ever non-round skateboard wheel. This innovative design, inspired by nature, is a combination of a cube, a sphere, and a sine wave.  It may seem like this shape would make for a bumpy ride but actually they perform better than traditional wheels.

The Shark Wheel outlasts traditional round wheels because they wear more evenly and don’t end up ground down into an inefficient cone shape. The unique design also makes bearings last longer, as the stresses are spread out evenly across the wheel instead of being focused in the center like the typical round version.

The Shark Wheel provides a faster ride than regular round wheels, since less surface area is in contact with the ground there is less friction. The alternating sine wave pattern gives you more control while sliding, making the movement much smoother than any other wheel.

They also have a far superior grip in wet conditions and across different terrains. The design funnels debris away, kicking gravel out instead of bringing the wheel to an abrupt stop. The grooves channel liquid away, reducing hydroplaning and providing strong traction in any conditions.

There are those who say entrepreneurs shouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel, luckily the guys behind The Shark Wheel didn’t get that memo.

Shark Tank Air Date: 5/15/2015 – Season 6 – Episode 29




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