Villy Custom Bicycles

In 2006 Fleetwood Hicks discovered beach cruiser bikes on Venice Beach while in Los Angeles on a business trip. After renting a beach cruiser for a scheduled one-hour ride, he brought the rental back 6 hours later and was hooked; relishing the simplicity, comfort and style of the bike and the fact that you could wear street clothes and look stylish riding.

Villy Custom Bicycles Shark Tank 2

Two years later, Villy Custom was founded in 2008 and began as a brick and mortar retail store (selected by Daily Candy as “Sweetest Things” 2009) specializing in sales of Felt Cruisers, Hawk Classic Cruiser bikes, specialty accessories and apparel. After experimenting with minor bike customization, Hicks soon realized he could infuse fashion, texture and unique color combinations to create a customizable luxury fashion bicycle company. The Icon of the Brand is the owner’s Bullmastiff dog, named DeVille. The Brand is known for its unexpected product features, such as powder coated handlebars, neck stems, seat post, seat post clamps, fender braces, seat hardware, and wheels in a multitude of colors.

Shark Tank Air Date: 5/4/2012 – Season 3 – Episode 13




TA3 Sculpting Swimwear

Bathing suits that fits comfortably, yet dramatically sculpt the waist, lift the bust and smooth the belly.



Moment: Cacao Adaptogen Blend

Hot Chocolate with Botanicals

TA3 Sculpting Swimwear

Season 13 Episode 12

Shredskinz Sauna Suits

Maximize Your Workout!
Season 14 Episode 8


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