ZUP Watersports Board

Have you heard of “Zupping”? Well it’s time to get wet and “on board” with what might possibly become the latest and biggest craze in watersports. Made in the USA and aimed at combining safety with unlimited fun on the water, ZUP is an all-in-one board that incorporates multiple water toys into one eye-catching piece of equipment designed for any skill level.

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Armed with a mission to get both young and old out on the water and enjoying the excitement and camaraderie that watersports can bring, ZUP has branded itself as “the best in towable watersports.” With millions of recreational boats in the US alone, ZUP is hoping to corner this large and growing market with its multi-purpose water toy that can “…make it easy and fast to ride, even for those with no experience,” says Nick Kierpiec, Sales Manager for ZUP. By eliminating the need for outfitting your craft with endless tubes, skis, knee boards or wake boards, ZUP claims it can deliver more fun, and safety, than all those items combined.

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“Everybody getZUP!” is the motto of ZUP, a sports innovation company founded by Glen Duff and Tim Zeckser, who were compelled to bring the thrill of water activities to anyone and everyone inspired to find adventure out on the lake or ocean. Duff, who had ample experience in product design, and Zeckser, a student ministry leader, had observed too many of their church group friends fail to connect with, not to mention, master, the various watersports equipment on the market today.

So, in an ambitious effort to challenge the status quo and put a stop to the discouragement that would often ensue after their unsuccessful outings, Duff and Zeckser began constructing their first wake board prototypes in a garage back in 2008. In an interview with GoDaddy, Duff explains that their business approach is twofold: with an eye on monetary profits, ZUP is equally committed to supporting watersports ministries that focus on helping disenfranchised kids and adults meet life’s challenges through enjoyable, engaging experiences on America’s many waterways. With a tagline like “Do Something Awesome!” ZUP truly is a mission-driven enterprise.

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Let’s take a look under the hood of these inspirational boards: Lightweight and brightly colored for maximum visibility in the water, ZUP boards are super buoyant with non-skid EVA foam padding and integrated hand grips on either side. With two different board types designed for specific skill levels, they can be towed behind just about any watercraft with at least a 100 horsepower engine, including jet skis. The “YouGotThis” design for novice-to-intermediate riders weighs 16.5 lbs, is 58” long, 27” wide and 5” high, and is geared toward maximum safety while building confidence on the water. The more advanced model with a thinner profile and state-of-the-art hydrodynamic features comes in at just under 13 lbs and boasts smooth transitions and enhanced stability for experienced water enthusiasts who want to master their 360s and carve the water for some decent spray. Both designs include a uniquely integrated hook to hold the tow grips of their signature DoubleZUP handle that boosts safety and facilitates smoother transitions between kneeling, laying, standing and surfing positions, not to mention the patent-pending “slip-in” foot straps that promote all-day fun and double as elbow and knee pads depending on your positioning.

There’s no doubt ZUP is “taking watersports in a whole new direction.” After connecting with the Water Sports Industry Association and getting picked up by world-renowned retailer Overton’s, ZUP is poised to make a major splash in the sporting goods industry.

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